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That [Christ] might sanctify and cleanse [the church] with the washing of water by the Word,..Ephesians 5:26

Download the free Devotional Journal on the books of 1 & 2 Peter, Jame, and Jude for free. Click the link below and it will take you to the download page.

May God Bless You!!

"Just Add Water"


"Just Add Water" is a Devotional Journal that uses the SOAP method of bible reading and journaling. There are five devotional journals availalbe at this time over numerous New Testament Books: [ Books available at Amazon ]

  • The Gospel of John

  • Matters of the Heart (Scriptures about Loving God and man)

  • Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians & Philippians

  • The Lamb of God (Scriptures on Christ's Atoning Sacrifice)

  • 1 & 2 Peter, James, and Jude

Why "Just Add Water" ?

Chapter 7 of Wayne Cordeiro's book, "The Divine Mentor," outlines the SOAP method of Bible study for a "lifetime of growth..."


SOAP stands for SCRIPTURE, OBSERVATION, APPLICATION, AND PRAYER. It is not enough to read the Bible, but a true disciples seeks to hear God's voice through their study of God's Word.

Mark and Patti Virkler's book, "4 Keys to Hearing the Voice of God," teaches about the importance of writing down or journaling what you hear God saying as you are studying His Word.

I have tried to journal through the years, but could never do it consistently. When I did journal, I would lose the notebook and have to start another. I had difficulty finding a method or a tool that helped me to journal in a consistent and useful way. 


If only I could find a tool to help me journal?

There are some good journals and some good devotionals available, but none that I could find that I really liked. It was on my heart to develop a tool that I would like and use. I am sure that if I get benefit from it, that others will also, so I developed a devotional journal based on the SOAP method of Bible devotion.

That [Christ] might sanctify and

cleanse[the church] with the washing

of water by the Word,.(Ephesians 5:26)

Combining the ideas of the SOAP devotional method and the "water of the Word," I developed the "Just Add Water" series of devotional journals beginning with the Gospel of St. John.


The devotional journal is designed to sit along side the Bible and provides the scripture portion, a key verse or verses, a place to write your observations, your application goals or intentions, and a prayer to the Lord.


"Just Add Water" provides a place to give focused attention of a short portion of God's Word and record your thoughts as God speaks to your heart.

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"For me, journal writing is another way I can beseech the Lord. Often my thoughts are drawn to Him as I write, and I feel enveloped by His love."

Salli H.

"Journaling enables us to chronicle our journey with Christ."

Gretchen S.

"I still myself in the Lord's presence, most often through worship, singing in the Spirit, or devotionally entering into a Scripture passage. My outer being is quieted, my inner being is quieted, I am neutral, poised before my Lord."

Mark  V.

I Would Like Your Help!


We have had good response to "Just Add Water" and we would like to get this devotional journal into more people's hands.

Therefore, I request that you download the free "Just Add Water" on 1 & 2 Peter, James, and Jude. [Click the button above to go to the link.] Please make copies and distribute them to anyone that you feel can benefit from this journal. Feel free to send the pdf to as many people as you would like. 

All I ask is that you might send me some feedback. The editions that have been published cannot be changed, but future volumes can be improved.

I would also love some more testimonials. 

Please send them to the email below or on our contact page here.

Thanks you.

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